40x50cm Portrait Auto-open Heat Press Machine W/Slide-out Base

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  • This auto open with slide-out base heat press machine is excellent for transfer printing, it come with Fashionable design & Sturdy made, most of important, it is thread-able and interchangeable without tool, can easily meet customers’ different requirements. Its slide out under base ensures user to load garments and place transfers in a breeze. Designed for all heat press applications including: T-shirts, frames, slippers and other flat products. This auto open heat press machine is perfect choice for small advanced business and applicable for whatever kinds of the heat transfers incl. no cutting laser transfer paper.

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  • Style: Semi-auto heat press
  • Features: Clamshell/Slide-out Base/Auto-open/Interchangeable/Threadable
  • Platen Size: 38 x 38cm, 40 x 50cm, 40 x 60cm
  • OEM/ODM: Support
  • Dimension: 86x50x62cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
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