Model:Casting Heating Platen
AppLication: Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer
Voltage 110V/220V
Printing Area 80mm x 150mm (For Cap Heating Press Machine)


Cast aluminium heating elements are different shapes of heater which contain heating elements casting in, which have round, flat, square and other shapes which could stick with heating elements after processed.
The surface of board could bear the load reach to 2.5-4.5w/cm2,working temp between 400-500°C.It is have even heating effect,better heat conductance. Our heating elements have long-live time, keep hot better, corrosion resistance and so on. It could be used for heat press machines, clothes or plastic factories, dryers and so on.

Additional Feature.

  1. CE/RoHS Compliant.
  2. Over-the-center pressure adjustment.
  3. HRPO laser-cut-quality steel framework.
  4. Teflon-coated heating platen, speed & even heater technology.
  5. Slide-out press platform for easy layout. (HP3805, B1, HP3804D, etc.)
  6. Interchangeable & threadable lower platens (HP3805, B1, HP3804C-X, etc.).
  7. RGB screentouch control panel with icon displaying, read-out accurate & easily setting.
  8. Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish after metal rust removal & phosphorization.

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