Ice crystal has been for love,it to clean,threatening reiki.Some people think that it's natural energy can change the human body and surrounding magnetic field,and even can purify the environment,so it is particularly admired.Some argue that it can change your fate,to ward off bad luck exorcism,bring good luck,so take it as a precious treasure.So that neither can show wear crystal can reflect insulation,beautiful,elegant,and the meaning of peace.


1.Shining and charming.
2.Home decorative and suitable for gift.
3.Natural crystal hardness large,gently with gravel on the accessories,don't leave a trace.


Item No. TSJ09E/TSJ09D
Product Name Sublimation blank iceberg crystal
Master Box Size(mm) 490x300x330mm/270x410x310mm
Size 120x190x40mm/195x125mm 
Surface Crystal 
Dying time 180℃,45S
Pcs/Ctn 20pcs/crt 16pcs/crt
Gross Weight 20KG/16KG


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