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2019 Prime Swing-away Electric Heat Press W/Slide-out Base

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With superior quality and high performance, this heat press brings you greater productivity in the sublimation. Electric design is with lower noise compared to heat press machine with air compressor. It is suitable for any sublimation or transferable product no matter which HTV or transfer paper incl. Trim-free laser paper. 5pcs optional quick-change lower platens, no tools required. 

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  • סגנון: Eelectric heat press
  • גודל: 92×52.5×60cm
  • תעודה: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • EXW מחיר:
  • אחריות: 12 חודשים
  • OEM / ODM: תמיכה
  • תכונות

    מפרט טכני

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    תגיות מוצר

    FJXHB2-N (1) FJXHB2-N (2) FJXHB2-N (3) FJXHB2-N (4) FJXHB2-N (5) FJXHB2-N (6) FJXHB2-N (7)

  • הקודם:
  • הבא:

  • דגם: FJXHB2-N
    סגנון: חשמלי
    מתח: 110V / 220V
    פלייט גודל: 40x50cm
    פאוור: 2000W
    חיבור לחשמל: ארה"ב, אירו, בריטניה, סין, אוסטרליה, ברזיל, וכו '
    יישום: לחץ העברת סובלימציה / חום
    לוח בקרה: LCD Touch Panel
    טמפ. טווח: 0 ~ 232C / 450F
    טווח זמן: 0 ~ 999 Sec.
    טמפ. הבדל: 2 ~ 8C
    קבל עובי: אודות 5cm
    זווית התנופה-משם: 135 °
    אפשרות צבע: לבחירה
    חומר אריזה: Storyform + קרטון קרטון
    אריזה: 40 * 50 ס"מ-92 × 52.5 × 60 ס"מ
    GW: 62 ק"ג
    אחריות: 1 שנה
    תעודה: לספירה (EMC, MD, RoHS)
    קישור לסרטון: N / A

    ● Electronic Motor Generated
    This is a EasyTrans Deluxe Level heat press is featured with electronic motor, which can generate Max. 360kg down force and accept Max. 4.5cm thick items. This heat press is 1st choice for professional users those who are applying premium transfers like no cutting laser transfer paper.

    ● Swing-away & Featured Pull-out Drawer
    This EasyTrans Deluxe heat press is Featured with a swing-away function and pull-out drawer enables you have sufficient space to load your garment. Additional magnetic system is applied to the drawer and make sure drawer not sliding back during the threading the T-shirt or not sliding out during press down handle.

    ● Thread-able & Interchangeable Base
    This EasyTrans Press is installed with a featured base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you to change the different accessory platen in few seconds. 2. The thread-able base enables you to load or rotate the garment over the lower platen. 

    ● Advanced LCD Controller
    This heat press is also equipped with advanced LCD controller AT700 series, super precise in Temp control and read-out. User could set the applying pressure by controller setting (P-4 mode). The controller is also featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function (P-5 mode) make it energy saving and safety.

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