MP2105 2


AppLication: Mug press
Voltage 110V/220V
Printing Area changeable for 6oz, 10oz, 11oz round and 12oz latte
Struction All frame are produced by molds, no welding point
Gross Weight 5kg
Package Size 42cm*21cm*22cm
Advantage wholesale batch production


XIN HONG® 5IN1 Sublimation Mug Printing Machine, not only on machine appearance, but also on machine performance. User is available to sublimation printing 5pcs mug per time, and it's much more efficient and less labour consumption compare with single one mug press.

Additional Feature.

  1. CE/RoHS Compliant.
  2. Over-the-center pressure adjustment.
  3. HRPO laser-cut-quality steel framework.


1. Easy changeable for 6oz, 10oz, 11oz round and 12oz latte.
2. Even pressure to have better transfer result, have two point to connect with the mug element. Excellent sublimation effect guarantee.
3. Mug heating element protection.
P1: Protect temperature setting: 93F (Limited temperature is 93F, could be set higher).
P2: Temperature setting
P3: Time setting
4.All frame are produced by molds, no welding point.
5.Durable quality with very reasonable distributor price
6.Small packaging and light shipping weight to save freight cost

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