EasyTrans 15″ x 15″ 8 IN 1 Heat Press (Model# HP8IN1-4) LCD Controller Operation

8 in 1 heat press machine


Turn on the power switch, control panel display illuminates like picture

Touch “SET” into “P-1”, here you can set TEMP. with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired TEMP.


Touch “SET” into “P-2”, here you can set TIME. with “▲” and “▼”
reach to desired TIME.


Touch “SET” into “P-3”, here you
can set TEMP. SCALE with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired SCALE.


Touch “SET” into “P-4”, here you can set stand-by time with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired value
with range 0-120 minutes. (0 refers to stand-by disabled)

  Finally touch “SET” to complete
all setting, so heat press start
to heating up.

It reads OFF on the display and heat press starts to cool down. Stand-by only happens when machine is not in use and reaches to P-4 set minutes. If you want to use heat press, please wake up heat press by touch any button on the control display.

User Tips

● Please turn off the machine and wait it to be cold when you are going to change a heat plate

● Please make sure that machine is placed on a sturdy and even location

● Swing-away models need sufficient space, please make sure clear space from its right and the back .

● Maybe the machine you’ve carried is different from above drawing, Please contact us if you need any help.

● P- is temperature scale in °C or °F, which is usually not illuminated on the display. Please contact our support for help if you need switch between °C and °F.


Post time: Jul-07-2021
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