OEM Cotton-woven Anti-pollution Comfort Wearing Disposable Facemask

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Customizing printing design washable sublimation facemasks, made of environment-freindly materials, will protect your face in cold weather or sandstrom.


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  • Product name Sublimation Face M
    Color More color
    Size 16*11cm
    Style Fasion
    Feature Comfortable , Printable , Washable
    Logo Cusomized Logo
    Function Anti-dust,Windproof
    Type Reusable

    Sublimatable non-medical face masks all the trend. Fashionable and cost effective. Manufactured to produce extremely vibrant and bold colors.

    Sublimation Printing Steps
    1.make print as a horizontal flip on sublimation paper or special foil.
    2.place and attach print to the product with thermal tape.
    3.prepared product put in flat press and heat up to suggested temperature.
    4.to avoid product damage cover it up with parchment paper.

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