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A riveting ‘battle’---RongCheng ‘battle’


RongCheng ‘battle’ starts from 19th June to 16th July, this ‘battle’ mainly includes order amount competition, order quantity competition, and the frequency competition of sharing successful experienced in international trading about how to serve customers well. This battle involve five ‘troops’, each ‘troops’ is component by several different companies. One of these ‘troops’.

 kick-off meeting activity in RongCheng ‘battle’ 

ick off meeting activity in RongCheng battle

There are seven different companies work as a team and we named this team as ‘qixing-array’, means condensing energy,this name give people a sense of strength. Xinhong among ‘qixing-array’ to join this ‘battle’ ,we aim high to make our company become better and better.

‘qixing-array’ Experience sharing in Xinhong

Experience sharing in Xinhong

There are total 15 salesman in Xinhong, by coincidence, seven salesman from our company participate in this ‘battle’, owe to customers trust to our company, Xinhong salesman rounding out the top five to get orders from customers in the beginning week, we aim high to become better and work with our troops to win at this battle.

morning meeting every day in Xinhong during RongCheng ‘battle’

 morning meeting in Xinhong

A lot of preparatory work and pre-accumulation make Xinhong go easy in this battle, success and opportunity are only given to those people who are well-prepared, trust our ‘troops’ win in the ‘battle’ is foregone conclusion. The most important is we aim at supplier the best heat press machine to our customers.

Part of the prize 

Part of the prize

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