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National Day holiday

Xinhong Group -- invite you to the holiday!

We --- Xinhong Group create a new fashion life. From October 1 to 7, Xinhong Group with three best-selling products - HP230B, HP3808, FJXHB3 invite you to the holiday!
Through R&D department, product department, marketing department and other departments’ co-operation, these three products have been everyone's favorite, since it was aimed at the market.
These three new products not only inherited the Xinhong Group’s production purposes, but also has a deeper breakthrough of process details and human design.

national day4


  national day3


national day2


Love is not the only purpose to buy--- The collision of different culture, customs, ideas and knowledge in the minds and blend with each other. The transferring products which transferred by people are not only their exquisite mind but also enhancing their aesthetic ability.

Of course, another big gift is our national day1.So, what are you waiting for? Quickly choose satisfied equipment right now!
Heat transfer equipment of “Xinghong” brand --- to enjoy the beauty of life! For more details, please visit the company website: We have a non-vacation management team to answer your queries at any time.

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