Tuesday, 20 June 2017 11:17

Xinhong keep learning and have our finger on the pulse of market

With the mature core technology and nice service, Xinhong become the market leader of heat press and rosin press machine in China. Xinhong get more and more good comments from customers from all over the world with the popularity of our machine.

On date of 19th June, seller team in Xinhong participated this training with the theme of ‘how to serve customers well’ which host by Alibaba,more than 300 hundred people participated in this training,and this is only one of the many trainingsXinhong seller team have participated in.





Only keep learning, you can keep going and have our finger on the pulse of market. We trust learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back, despite we have been making good performance in this market, our seller team still often participate some trainings to improve ourselves. At the same time, Xinhong product department make product innovation properly to keep our fingers on the pulse of the market,the new design machine meet customers' requirement well. Here recommend you guys a model rosin press machine which get millions of good comments:

This FJXHB5-E Model 20 Tons Easy Operation Power Electric Rosin Dual Heat Tech Press Machine


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