Swing-away Sublimation Transfer Heat Press Machine HP3805

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This swing -away heat press is famous of its pull-out drawer and interchangeable lower platen structure. Swing away & Pull out drawer helps you to keep heating element away from the working table and ensure a safe layout. Thread-able design is some kind of U type structure, which enable you to put your clothes in and print evenly, especially when you do not want heat the backside. Interchange-able bases ensure that you can use different platens.

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  • Style: Swing-away heat press
  • Size: 76*52*58cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • Exw Price:
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • OEM/ODM: Support
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  • Model: HP3805
    Style: Manual
    Voltage: 110V/220V
    Plate Size: 40x50cm
    Power: 1.4kW/1.7kW
    Power Plug: USA, Euro, UK, China, Australia, Brazil, etc.
    Application: Sublimation/Heat Transfer Press
    Control Panel: LCD Touch Panel
    Temp. Range: 0~232C/450F
    Time Range: 0~999 Sec.
    Temp. Difference: 2~8C
    Accept Thickness: About 3.2cm
    Swing-away Angle: 135°
    Color Option: Selectable
    Packing Material: Storyform + Cardboard Carton
    Packaging: 76*52*58cm
    G.W.: 49-56kg
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Certificate: CE (EMC, MD, Rohs)
    Video Link: N/A

    ● Swing-away & Even Pressure
    This is a EasyTrans Advanced Level heat press featured with the swing-arm and just swing-away the heating plate and leave sufficient space for loading the projects. Besides it’s operated by bearing rolls mechanism system and able to generate Max. 320kg, refers to easy applicable for no cut laser transfer paper.

    ● Pull-out Drawer & Featured Base
    This EasyTrans heat press is installed with a smooth pull-out drawer enable you have sufficient space to load your garment. With the featured base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you to change the accessory platen in few seconds. 2. The thread-able base enables you to load or rotate the garment over the lower platen.

    ● Advanced LCD Controller
    This heat press is also equipped with advanced LCD controller IT900 series, super precise in Temp control and read-out, also super precise timing countdowns like an clock. The controller also featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function (P-4 mode) make it energy saving and safety.

    ● Premium Quality Heat Plate
    Die casting heating element made by reasonable layout heating tubes and 6061 qualified aluminum, Say. 8 pieces heat tubes for 38 x 38cm heat plate. Make sure even heat and pressure distribution, with the premium quality of the lower aluminum plate, all together guaranteed the good transfer job.

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