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2019 Prime Swing-kude Pneumatic Heat Press W / ezinokususwa Caddy Yima

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Perfect for high-volume shops, specialty decorators, and Direct-to-Garment printing, the air-powered heat press features a 40*50cm heated upper platen, swing motion for heat-free workplace. And it sits on a moveable heat press caddie with Max. 10cm height adjustment. 

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  • Uhlobo: Swing-away Pneumatic Heat Press
  • Ubukhulu: 79 * 56 * 52cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • Exw Price:
  • Warranty: Iinyanga 12
  • OEM / ODM: Inkxaso
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  • model: FJXHB1-NC
    Uhlobo: womoya
    I-Voltage: 110V / 220V
    Plate Ubukhulu: 40x50cm
    Power: 2000W
    Power Plug: USA, Euro, UK, China, Australia, Brazil, njl
    isicelo: Sublimation / Ubushushu yokuGqithisela Press
    Iphaneli yokulawula: LCD Touch Panel
    Temp. uluhlu: 0 ~ 232C / 450F
    Ixesha Range: 0 ~ 999 Sec.
    Temp. umahluko: 2 ~ 8C
    Yamkela Ubukhulu: malunga 6cm
    Isiguquli: Imiz. 70L / Min (FYI)
    Pressure Air: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa (FYI)
    Swing-away Angle: 135 °
    Option Umbala: Selectable
    Ukupakisha Izinto: ngamaplanga Carton
    Packaging: Machine: 79 * 56 * 52cm Caddy: 90 * 90 * 29cm
    GW: 97kg
    Warranty: 1 Unyaka
    Certificate: CE (EMC, MD, Rohs)
    Video Link: N / A

    ● Air Piston Generated
    This is a EasyTrans Advanced Level heat press featured with air cylinder, that can generate over 360kg down force and accept Max. 6cm thick object. This heat press is a good choice for any professional use for bulk production like T-shirt or shopping bag printing process.

    ● Swing-away & Featured Pull-out Drawer
    This EasyTrans Deluxe heat press is Featured with a swing-away function and pull-out drawer enables you have sufficient space to load your garment. Additional magnetic system is applied to the drawer and make sure drawer not sliding back during the threading the T-shirt or not sliding out during press down handle. 

    ● Thread-able & Interchangeable Base
    This EasyTrans Press is installed with a featured base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you to change the different accessory platen in few seconds. 2. The thread-able base enables you to load or rotate the garment over the lower platen. 

    ● Advanced LCD Controller
    This heat press is also equipped with advanced LCD controller IT900 series, super precise in Temp control and read-out, also super precise timing countdowns like an clock. The controller also featured with Max. 120mins stand-by function (P-4 mode) make it energy saving and safety.

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