DTF L1800 Transfer Printer with Roll Feeder, Direct to Film Print Preheating A3 DTF Printer

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    DTF L1800

  • Description:
  • This auto open with slide-out base heat press machine is excellent for transfer printing, it come with Fashionable design & Sturdy made, most of important, it is thread-able and interchangeable without tool, can easily meet customers’ different requirements. Its slide out under base ensures user to load garments and place transfers in a breeze. Designed for all heat press applications including: T-shirts, frames, slippers and other flat products. This auto open heat press machine is perfect choice for small advanced business and applicable for whatever kinds of the heat transfers incl. no cutting laser transfer paper.

  • Style: Clamshell T-shirt Heat Press
  • Features: Clamshell/Manual
  • Platen Size: 16" x 20"
  • Dimension: 86 x 50 x 62cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Contact: WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086 - 150 6088 0319
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    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Printer Parameters:

    Model: L1800C DTF Roll Printer

    Print Nozzle: L1800

    Printing Accuracy: 2880DPI

    Printing Size: A3

    Printing Speed: 6min/A4

    Software: Include software

    Applicable System: Only Support for Window7/10/11 system

    Ink supply mode: continuous ink supply, white ink mixing

    Colors Configuration: CMYK+WW

    Ink Supply System: 6 Colors CISS

    Ink Consumption: 1sq.m/20ml

    Voltage/plug: AC100~230V/optional according to the country

    NW/GW: 32KG/38KG

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    The Process of using the printer.

    Materials need to be prepared for printing: DTF Printer, Oven, Heat Press Machine, Ink, PET Film, and Hot Melt Powder.

    1. Pull the photo to be printed into the printer's software and adjust the size and position of the photo

    2. Print mode setting: You can choose white ink printing, color ink printing, or white ink and color ink printing together

    3. Coating hot melt powder: Spread the prepared hot melt powder evenly on the PET film(powder not included)

    4. Printing Note: When you print, please put your printer on the front side of the PET film(the side with the hot melt powder)


    The package includes a USB file, and there are detailed installation videos and printing videos inside, if you don't know how to do it, you can see the video to help you.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Built-in Agitator

    The printer has a built-in white ink agitator, which can auto circulate the white ink from to time, making the printing more uniform and beautiful. The white ink circulation function makes the ink smoother.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Waterproof Effect

    After print pattern on the T-shirt, it can be washed and won't fade. It will keep colorful and vivid after washing. And also with strong anti-wrinkle.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Print on All kinds of fabric

    It can be applied to all kinds of Fabric, T-shirts, bags, cotton polyester mixed fabric,nylon,chemical fiber fabrics print.,athletic mesh fabrics, polyester, textiles and etc.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Alarm timer function

    The oven has a timer function,you can set the time and temperature according to your setting

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    A3 Oven Size

    The oven is designed according to the size of DTF printer,and the max size that can be baked is:300*420mm. Fully meet your needs.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Upgraded Roll Reel Printer

    The button on the side can control the PET Film backward and forward. Setting the reel bracket can reduce the problem of printer paper jams while increasing the printing speed and improving efficiency.

    DTF L1800 Transfer Printer detail

    Package Include:



    5*250ml inks( CMYK and white color)

    30cm*100m PET film

    1* User Manual File

    Warm Tips:

    1.The printer and the oven will be sent by DHL Express or Fedex together, and the ink is sent to you by DHL Express separately.

    2. All packages do not contain rubber powder. You can buy it in US

    Detail Introduction

    ● Upgraded DTF Transfer Printer: The item contains a roll feeder + auto heat station. Reduce the paper jam problem of traditional printers, print the length you need. Greatly improving the printing efficiency and speed.
    ● Advanced White Ink Circulation System: White ink circulation system is designed to prevent sediment and avoid head clogs. Extend the service life of the print head. Built in white ink agitator, which will auto circulate the white ink to prevent sediment.
    ● Easy to Operate: You do not need to adjust the physical position of the printhead, it can be directly printed while adding ink. After printing on the PET film with a DTF printer, it can be directly transferred to the T-shirt by a heat press. Extremely improve production efficiency.
    ● Versatile Application: It can be applied to all kinds of Fabric, T-shirts, bags, hats, handbags, pillows, shoes, socks, handicrafts, Hoodies, Cushion, Pillow, Bags, Denim/Jeans, cotton/cotton blends, athletic mesh fabrics, polyester, textiles and etc.
    ● Profession After Sales Team: Our printer supports for windows7/10/11 computer system. We have a professional team of engineers. If you have any problems when using it, we will provide you with a high-quality remote service.

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