White Snowflake Ornaments Plastic Glitter Snow Flakes Ornaments

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  • SPARKLING SNOWFLAKES Including large set of 36 sparkling snowflake decorations 3 sizes and 2 patterns: 8pcs for 4.2 inch, 10pcs for 3 inch and 10pcs for 1.8 inch These snowflake ornaments are made of hard plastic with sparkly glitter, everyone will love the snowflake shapes of these ornaments

  • Shape: Snowflake shape
  • Color: White
  • Occasion: Christmas, Thanksgiving
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mounting Type: Hanging
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    Snow Flakes Ornaments
    Snow Flakes Ornaments
    Snow Flakes Ornaments
    Snow Flakes Ornaments
    Snow Flakes Ornaments

    Detail Introduction
    ● SNOWFLAKES OF VARIED SIZES: A value pack of 36pcs white Christmas glitter snowflakes in 3 varied sizes and 2 different patterns: 8pcs for 4.2 inch for both styles, 10pcs for 3 inch and 10pcs for 1.8 inch. It’s a lot of snowflakes sufficient for your Christmas decorations
    ● CHRISTMAS TREE SNOWFLAKES: Featuring sparkly glitters on the surface, these white snowflakes tree ornaments add much more sparkle to your Christmas tree decorations, various sizes give a nicer variety on the tree, just let it snow
    ● WINTER DECORATION SNOWFLAKES: These glitter white snowflakes also look gorgeous on windows, ceiling, fireplace, etc, perfect for winter decorations
    ● THEME BIRTHDAY DECOR: Scattering some small glitter snowflakes on table, you will find them great centerpieces for your frozen theme birthday party, winter wonderland birthday party, etc
    ● PLASTIC CRAFT SNOWFLAKES: These white snowflakes are absolutely ideal for art craft project like decorating Christmas card, gift package, home decoration or anything you could think of
    ● STURDY SNOWFLAKES: The glittery white snowflake ornaments are well made of hard plastic with sparkly glitter, gorgeous and reusable, save it for further use
    ● DESIGNED TO HANG: Big Christmas snowflake ornaments have hole at top for easy hanging except some that are only with the hollow design but they're also able to be hung easily with the string included
    ● AFTER SALE SERVICE: We appreciate your trust and want to make sure that everything works for you. If there is any problem with our white snowflake decorations, please contact our customer service for a return or refund in 30 days

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