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  • The color changing coffee mugs are ready for sublimation,with quality sublimation coating,the print color come out bright not foggy. The 11 oz glossy black coffee mugs will change to white color when enter the hot drinking,and your designs will show up. The coffee mug is very nice as the customized gift for your friends,family or as company gifts.You can add ANY designs you want.It’s can as the housewarming, birthday,Mather’s Day,Father’s Day,Christmas, or Thanksgiving gift.

  • Item Name: Sublimation Magic Mugs
  • Capacity: 11oz
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Grade: AAA Level Coating
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    sublimation magic mug

    Detailed Introduction
    ● DIY Coated Ceramic Mugs: Simple and Elegant Design, high temperature firing, warm and delicate hand feeling. The porcelain is pure white and delicate, the body of the cup is bright and thick, and the bottom of the cup is non-slip. The sleek cup handle is well-made, comfortable to the touch, and durable.
    ● Personalized Gift: Esdabem Sublimation Mugs are designed with double coating application, you can print anything you want on it by your wrap heat press machine, which is very suitable for making personalized gifts, personal souvenirs, artwork displays, promotional gifts or any other creative products.
    ● You can use your imagination freely. It's time to show your creative talent!
    ● Ceramic Cups Wall Thickness: These mugs are very suitable to decorate your kitchen, restaurant or cafe. You can use them to serve all kinds of drinks, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso, milk, latte, soup, etc. All kinds of DIY interesting and beautiful mugs will make your kitchen very artistic. DIY cups are both meaningful and interesting, making your life more colorful.
    ● Reminder: Do not use metal hard objects such as steel wire balls to clean the cup, so as not to scratch the coating on the surface of the porcelain.
    ● Efficient and Considerate After-Sales Service: our cups are made of ceramic and may be damaged by collision during transportation. If some cups are damaged, please contact Amazon customer service immediately for free replacement.

    sublimation magic mug
    sublimation magic mug

    Our sublimation color changing mug with quality sublimation coating,ready for print by mug tumbler press machine or sublimation oven.

    sublimation magic mug

    Sublimation glossy black magic mugs
    Size: H 3.9 x D 3.2 Inch
    Capacity: 11 OZ /330 ML

    sublimation magic mug

    The sublimation mugs with plain bottom.
    Each 2 piece with hard brown box,
    4 sets 8 pieces packing with a big brown gift box.

    ● How to transfer your design to mug by mug press machine?
    1. Print your design to sublimaion paper with sublimation ink,set mirror printing.
    2. Set temperature of the press at 370-380 F.
    3. Set the desired time about 90s to 120s.
    4. Fixing the sublimation paper with image to ceramic mug(use heat resistance tape).
    5. Put the mug into the mug press. Heating.
    6. Take the mug out after done, peel off the paper.
    7. Your customized gift is done!

    ● Please watch left video for better instruction.

    11oz Premium Ceramic Sublimation Mugs Blank

    ● Made of high-quality ceramics, it is not easy to break and hurt hands.
    ● BPA-free and safe to use over time.
    ● Has higher temperature resistance and is microwave safe.
    ● Can be refrigerated and is safe to place in the refrigerator.
    ● Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
    ● Using AAA grade sublimation coating, repeated washing will not fade.
    ● The exterior design is ergonomic, giving you a comfortable feel.
    ● Suitable for various occasions, you can use it as a gift for family, friends, colleagues, etc.
    ● Designed for all kinds of DIY ideas, you can print all kinds of patterns.
    ● Mug press & infusible ink compatible.

    11oz Sublimation Mug

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