Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine – Botanical Decarboxylator Machine for Herb Dryer & Oil Infuser

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  • Decarboxylator & Oil Infuser (Model: TH01) is an absolute must-have for the wellness-minded infuser. It’s a well-designed kitchen appliance that Heat-activated or Decarb Cannabinoids from flowers, Terpenes and to be herb-infused Butter, Oil, Honeys, and more. No matter your herb of choice, TH01 removes the guesswork and the mess-work, all at the push of a Controller. With intelligent time and temperature controls, just set it and forget it. For baked goods, sweets, gummies, dressings, salves, and sauces, you can enjoy it by Cooking, Baking, and more.

  • Style: Oil Infuser with Decarb
  • Activate Temp.: 230/235/240/245/250 °F(110°C, 113°C, 116°C, 119°C, 122°C)
  • Infuse Temp.: 70°F -212°F /20°C -100°C
  • Pot Capacity: 300 - 700ml
  • Blender Motor: 80 Rad/min
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 20.5*25.3*20.3cm
  • Packaging (L*W*H): 28*36*34cm
  • Gross Weight: 4.5kg
  • Certificate: CE, UKCA
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