Best Heat Press Machine For Small Business

The heat press is used for the printing of vinyl transfers, heat transfer, screen printed transfers, rhinestones and more items such as T-shirts, mouse pads, flags, tote bag, mugs or caps, etc. To do so, the machine heats up to a recommended temperature (temperature depends on the transfer type) the top plates used for pressing the graphic design and the substrate together. The tiles then hold the materials together under the specified pressure for a certain time, so that each type of transfer is always followed by specific instructions.

Sublimation on textiles, for example, will take higher time and “dwell time,” whereas digital transfer from an inkjet or laser color printer requires less tempo and a different time to live. Presses today offer all kinds of features and options. The main components include a type of press (clamshell or swing-away), pressure adjustment (manual pressure knob) and manual and/or digital temperature control. A simple dial thermostat and a timer are included in base presses, while more robust presses have digital memory functions for time, temperature or pressure (only to name a few).

In addition to the essential features, any press has customized plates that can work better for your specific applications. A further consideration is whether an automatic air or auto-open press is required to save time and work. As you see, when picking your heat cover, you have a lot of decisions to make. It’s important to purchase the best equipment for your enterprise or your hobby, So we recommend several heat press machines . See them below.

#1: Manual Heat press Digital Heat Press HP3809-N1

15x15 heat press machine

If this is the first time you buy a heat press machine, then this one can be a great option for you. It’s because it’s very cheap and can be easily used. Without spending a lot of money, you will get a few incredible features. The Manual Heat Press is the first line to be supplied with heat press plates and heating plates covered with Teflon. It has a silicone base that can resist a lot of heat without changing its shape or performance. This guy is also very lightweight. The deck opens up, so that you don’t have to hang it on the room corner. You can also keep it in your home while promoting your company. It can also be used to transfer, count, letter and place images on garments, identification badges, cardboard, ceramic tiles and a lot of other materials.

The system works with 110/220 volts and 1400 watts. Ensure that the electronic wiring of your production area compliant with the circuit requirements. In only around 999 seconds, this arrangement makes it possible to reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only about 16 minutes! As far as reliability is concerned, you can be sure this unit will last for more than a year without being tired out. If the ink spreads to your heat pressure, we recommend you buy some extra teflon plates.


  •   ① It is a 15 x 15 inches press
  •   ② It has a heat sheet included
  •   ③ It works with 1800 Watts
  •   ④ It has a wide temperature range
  •   ⑤ It has digital timer control
  •   ⑥ It has digital heat control
  •   ⑦ It comes with a silicone base board
  •   ⑧ It has adjustable pressure
  •   ⑨ It has a compact design

#2: 8 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

8 in 1 heat press machine

The spinning, professional swing-away model is 360 degrees. It improves the flexibility of the machine. If the cloth is spread on the desk, the upper arm can be set back. It runs on 110/220 volts and 1500 watts . The gradient ranging in temperature from at least 32 ° F to at most 450 ° F is achieved.

You may glad to know that the height of this unit is between 13.5 and 17 inches. It improves the pleasure of using this tool and prevents you from getting back pain for long hours while you are working. This device can now be used to dissolve and to transfer beautifully colored images using a sublimation process. They work effortlessly on t-shirts and hats and bottles, ceramics, textiles, etc. Oh, we should mention another thing: you have to verify that the heating plate is placed totally flat on the material with this machine. When you see a gap, the workstation must be replaced properly by the machine. Therefore, additional pressure is needed on this sheet to ensure that the pressurizer is locked tightly to keep the sheet from shaking in use.


  •   ① It comes with a 360-degree rotation design
  •   ② It has a swing-away design
  •   ③ It is suitable for professional use
  •   ④ It has a non-stick surface
  •   ⑤ It works using 1500 Watts
  •   ⑥ It has a wide temperature range
  •   ⑦ It operates smoothly
  •   ⑧ It has plenty of accessories

#3: Auto Open Digital Heat Press Machine

auto open heat press machine

You should consider this option seriously if you are looking for a machine with a wide area that offers great comfort during work. This auto open heat press machine is perfect choice for small advanced business and applicable for whatever kinds of the heat transfers incl. The auto-open slide out Digital Heat Press can be used very easily and conveniently. If you face any problems, find the instructions inside to find out all the details about this device. 

Thankfully, the equipment comes with an adjustable press panel that is suitable for turning the knob and increasing or decreasing the pressure according to your requirements. The machine works at 2000 watts and 110/220 volts.  I like the fact that in a period of 999 seconds, the temperature could rise to 450 Fahrenheit. These are great things to print on t-shirts, blankets, banners, mouse pads, comic books, and so on. A great feature of this unit is the anti-heating characteristics. It makes it the best choice of locations with many dangerous substances.


  •   ① It has a practical design
  •   ② It is ideal for home and commercial use
  •   ③ It can transfer images on any object
  •   ④ It comes with an LCD control board
  •   ⑤ It has a 16×20 heat plate
  •   ⑥ It has adjustable pressure
  •   ⑦ It has overheating protection
  •   ⑧ It is auto open with slide-out base

Post time: Apr-15-2021
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