Rosin Press Machine Guide: How To Choose Right Machine For Yourself?

In the past, it was only possible to purchase plant essential oil from your local dispensary, but these days with developed technology, you can make your own extracts right at home using a rosin press. Extracts like rosin are becoming more and more popular for home growers and hobbyists due to the easily accessible tools the make the job quick and mess-free.

More and more rosin presses are emerging in the market as this segment grows. it can be divide as: manual presses, hydraulic presses, pneumatic presses, electric rosin presses and hybrid presses.

Before start to choose rosin press machine, you will need to ask yourself few questions:

-Is it for personal or commercial use?
-How many hours a day/week do you intend on using the rosin press?
-How much material will you need to press each time?
-How important is heating plate size to you?

There are 3 main factors need to consider in order to generate the best result:
-Pressure: you can use below formula to calculate the press pounds/plate surface area.
A 10-ton press = 22,000 lbs. If you have a 3″x5″ plate = 15 square inch.
Hence, 22,000/15 = 1,466.7 PSI
-Temperature: depend on the different material, the temp is different from 100-150℃.
-Time: depend on the how much material per load you are press, the time is different from 30-90 second.

Manual Rosin Press
Manual rosin presses are a portable, low-cost extraction solution that’s ideal for home users and personal consumption. They come in a smaller form factor which makes them portable and easy to lug around. These units typically involve a hand crank or a twist-style mechanism to apply force onto your material. 5x7-5cm-400kg-force-mini-protable-rosin-press-machine .html 5x7-5cm-500kg-easyhome-mini-rosin-press-machine .html 7-5x12cm-rosin-tech-twist-manual-smash-rosin-heat-press .html

Hydraulic Rosin Press
Hydraulic rosin presses use hydraulic pressure to generate the force needed to produce rosin. The force is generated typically through the use of a hand pump. It’s typical to find presses in the 10 ton (22,000 lb) hydraulic presses, although more and more you can find ones in the 20 and 30-ton range. Moreover, hydraulic presses are less intrusive to being used in smaller environments because unlike pneumatic presses which require an air compressor and are noisy to operate, they just require some elbow grease to get you clean rosin. 6-tons-hydraulic-rosin-press-solventless-extraction-machine .html 10-12-ton-bho-rosin-tech-hydraulic-pneumatic-rosin-heated-press .html 20-30-ton-hydraulic-pneumatic-rosin-extraction-press-machine .html

Pneumatic Rosin Press
A pneumatic rosin press pretty much has the same features as a hydraulic one, except instead of being powered by a hydraulic cylinder, there’s an air chamber that’s being powered by an air compressor.

That, however, means, no hand pumping. This is especially useful if you’re extracting a couple of batches at a time. Another beauty of a pneumatic rosin press is in the ease of controlling and changing the pressure as you press your product–it’s literally as simple as pushing a button and you can do it in small but precise increments. 5000psi-dual-heating-plates-pneumatic-heat-rosin-press-machine .html 5000psi-dual-heating-plates-pneumatic-heat-rosin-press-machine .html

Electric Rosin Press
Electric rosin presses, on the other hand, are fairly new to the market but are gaining rapid adoption and popularity. It’s obvious to see why because electric rosin presses don’t require any compressors or external pumps to function. if you’re simply extracting small batches, all you really need is one or two tons of force; electric rosin presses are speed to deliver between 6500 – 7000 lbs of pure electric power while capable of pressing up to 15g of flower. that is perfect choice for lazy people. 2-ton-pure-pressure-automatic-electric-rosin-press-fjxhb5-5e .html

Rosin Press Plates Kits
If you want to set up your own hydraulic rosin press at a economic budget , you may consider to order a hydraulic shops press and choose the desired tons, Say. 10tons. Also consider to order rosin press plates kits at suitable size Say 3”x6” or 3”x8” which is the most popular size. The rosin press plates kits have two rosin press plates and temperature controller box. You can assemble the rosin press plates kits on the shop press, and enjoy your projects. 3x54x7-inches-6061-aluminum-cage-rosin-press-plates-with-pid-controller .html

Hope this article will help you to find out the right rosin press machine which suit you best!! I believe you now have got an general idea of how to choose rosin press, if there is still something you are not certain about, Please do contact our team, our team will happily assist you with any questions you have about pressing rosin, Email:


Post time: Oct-30-2019
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