Which EasyTrans™ Heat Transfer Press Suits Your Job Best?

Xinhong Group Limited is one of market leaders of heat press machines business more than 18 years. And our factory also has been audited by SGS & BV on site. Engineered and manufactured in China, our products are high-quality, energy efficient, and reliable. 

EasyTrans™ heat transfer presses are engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrates, such as t-shirt, cap and mugs, etc. With the application of heat and pressure for per-set period of time, you can make the heat transfer items lasting long on the substrates! Make them big impressions to the customers and make growing business.

● EasyTrans Series

With so many EasyTrans™ options, what style of heat transfer press would be proper for you?


● Which Platen Size?

Regarding the output size, please make sure the chosen heat platen is larger than the paper or vinyl design or graphics, you may take reference of regular paper as bellow.

Heat Transfer Paper Dimension

● Temp., Time, Pressure and Operation?


Heat Press Temp & Pressure

● Which Heat Press Features?

Heat Press Features

If you want to know more about EasyTrans™ heat transfer press, please check Version 2020 catalog at site, https://www.xheatpress.com/uploads/2020-EasyTrans-Heat-Transfer-Press-Catalog.pdf

Post time: Jun-09-2020
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