XINHONG Heat Press Reviews: Let me Guide you

As always, I would like to throw this question into the crowd: Are you looking for a heat press to boost your business sales?

If you are, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Here, I will be taking you through an in-depth analysis of the various varietals of the XINHONG heat presses. In fact, in this XINHONG heat press reviews, I will be talking about some of the key features you may want to look for.

Other than that, if you want to start your own business of customized shirts, cups, and other goodies, then you may want to consider getting a heat press.

And to help you find the right thing, here are some options for you!

1. XINHONG New Design 15 X 15 Inch 8 in 1 Multifunctional Sublimation Heat Press Machine


This 8-in-1 digital heat press from XINHONG has some really nice features to set it apart from some of the existing market competitors.

The first thing I would like to talk about, as you may have already guessed it, is the 15×15-inch Teflon coated heating plate. From what I have gathered so far, it is well-suited for t-shirts, ceramic plates, mouse pads, and anything which requires proper heat treatment.

As for Teflon, it offers a certain suitable surface where the garment or accessories don’t stick. In all fairness, having a proper sized platen with such a characteristic is certainly desirable for proper operation.

Take note that the heat press comes with 8-elements to get you going with your t-shirts, mugs, caps and any other supported accessories.

Coming back to the design, you will find that it has a 360-degree, full-rotation swing arm. This feature alone adds some additional bit of safety and convenience, as chances of accidental errors will come to a minimum. Also, you will obviously get better results from a rotating platform rather than a stationary one, which makes it a lot easier to operate than other existing options.

Then there are some more key selling points of this heat press, which I will now discuss.

First, let’s talk about the digital LED indicator. Pair it with an accurate timing module, and you have a precise heat press which will offer quality and flexibility. From what I have seen, the digital LED and timer are accurate enough to provide adequate results on moment’s notice.

Then there is the pressure adjustment knob, which is also accurate and offers a fair bit of usability. Having the adjustability option is always nice, especially if it’s to a satisfactory degree. So, you have the liberty to adjust the pressure as per your requirements.

Moreover, you have an easy-to-detach lower platform, which adds to the overall modularity of the press itself. Also, you are getting removable silicon and cotton pads for safety and functionality. Both of these features make this heat press pretty easy to operate, making it one of the more profitable options out there.

Now, let’s go over the technicalities.

The Vevor 8-in-1 heat press has a power rating of 1050-watt, which is typical for a product like this. Also, the temperature range is standard. You can vary it up to 250-degree Celsius, which isn’t a surprise at all.

Finally, although it may be a minor detail for some, the timer can count up to 999-seconds, which is an added bonus in many cases. Also, the built-in safety fuse is also an important thing to consider.

In short, from all the features, I can assure you that it has the potential to make you a prominent businessman if you know what you’re doing. The price to performance ratio is on point. And for that, you may want to consider having a good look at it.

Highlighted Features:

  •       ① Temperature range: 0 to 232-degree Celsius (32 to 450-degree Fahrenheit)
  •       ② Power: 1400-watts
  •       ③ Timer control: 0 to 999 seconds
  •       ④ Heating platform: 15×15-inch (38×38-cm)
  •       ⑤ 360-degree fully rotating swing arm incorporated
  •       ⑥ Heating plate size: φ12 + φ15 cm
  •       ⑦ Heating cup diameter: 10\11\12oz
  •       ⑧ Cap Mate
  •       ⑨ Adjustable multi-spring balancer
  •       ⑩ Temperature control with an LED indicator

2. XINHONG 15 X 15 inch 8 in 1 Digital Multifunctional Sublimation T Shirt Heat Press Machine

8in1 heat press (1)


Highlighted Features:

  •       ① Temperature range: 0 to 232-degree Celsius (32 to 450-degree Fahrenheit)
  •       ② Power: 1400-watt (110-volts)
  •       ③ Timer control: 0 to 999 seconds
  •       ④ Heating platform: 12×15/15×15-inch
  •       ⑤ 360-degree fully rotating swing arm incorporated
  •       ⑥ Heating plate size: φ12cm
  •       ⑦ Heating cup diameter: 10\11\12oz MugMate
  •       ⑧ Adjustable multi-spring balancer
  •       ⑨ Temperature control with an LED indicator
  •       ⑩ 10 In 1 Pen Mate, Cap Mate, Shoe Mate

Post time: May-21-2021
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