Better than Cricut Mug Press! Automatic Craft One Touch Mug Press

1. Accessories of the new vertical electric baking cup machine:

1. Electric push rod x1

Voltage: 24V

Stroke: 30mm (effective stroke), 40mm (total stroke)

Thrust: 1000N

Total length: 105mm

Speed: 12-14mm/s

Fixing method: Push Counterbore

2. Meter x1, no need for display screen, fixed working mode (two-stage temperature 80°C-180°C, time based on thermal sublimation data, displayed by indicator light)

3. Motor interface x1 (2PIN)

4. Button x3 (Use flat cable)

Coaster x1 (4PIN, coaster power supply, temperature control, power 300W, voltage 110-220V. Coaster can be replaced, after-sales. Coaster size unchanged, one to one, suitable for cups: 10oz/11oz /15oz)

5. Power x1 (3PIN)

6. Button x3 (1 power switch, 1 forward, 1 backward; forward and backward buttons can make icons)

2.Working mode:

1. Turn on the power, warm up and preheat to the first temperature of 80°C, the Ready indicator light is on.

2. Place the cup (the center of the cup, with stroke).

3. Press the forward button (push), the motor starts and starts timing, The coaster heats up to 180°C for the second time.

3.1 Time to automatically retreat (the time is displayed by the indicator light, one indicator light represents 1 minute, and the number of indicators is derived from the thermal sublimation data).

3.2 You can press the back button midway to go back.

3.3 Rewind to the maximum stroke.

4. Countdown (time is up), the motor moves back, stops heating, and the temperature drops to the first stage temperature 80°C.

Standby mode: Warm up to the first temperature, without any operation, 10 minutes of automatic shutdown.

Action indication: There should be an indication, by design considerations.

Time indication: The indicator light is on according to the time, for example:

    ●             ○            ○           ○            ○             ○
Ready        1min     2min     3min      4min       5min

Post time: Sep-30-2021
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