EasyPresso Mini Rosin Press (Model# RP100) User Manual




mini rosin press RP100 5


 Pressure Adjustment Wrench



Item Code: RP100

Item Style: Mini Manual

Size: 5*7.5cm  Controller: Digital Control Panel

Electric Data: 220V/50Hz, 160W

N.W.: 5.5kg,  G.W.: 6.5kg

PKG: 36*32*20cm, paper carton

Heat pressing is also a good way for rosin oil extraction. Turn on controller, set a desired temperature and time; and set a desired pressure. Then place filled tea bag filter between pr-folded parchment paper. Place folded parchment paper between heat sources and work depending on your rosin-tech heat press style, usually they are simple manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic.When time is countdown to Zero, immediately pull parchment away from heat source and put between cooling plates. Please repeat process on same tea bag filter until satisfied with the result!

- Temperature

- Amount of Time Pressed

- Amount of Force Applied

- Size/Weight of nugs

1. Read Before Use

1. Check the voltage before using it. The correct voltage is 220-240V/50Hz.

2. Turn off the machine when not in use, and remove the power plug from socketAlways keep children away from the machine.

3. Do not touch the heating platen or platen cover after pressing whilst in operation.

5. Do not set the temperature any higher than 150, normal application temp. is within 150 

2. Recommended Accessories 

25 lb or Thicker Silicone Parchment Paper Sheets

Screen Filters like 5x10cm

Rosin Tools

 3Recommended Operation Parameter 

Time: 30~45sec.

Temp.: 100-120

Pressure: Feel by feeling, when you feel the pressure is enough and hard to pressure down the handle.

4.Control Panel Setting

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Press Set button on the control panel (Fig. 1) to go to the temperature setting mode for the top platen. Press Up ↑ or Down ↓ buttons to select the desired temperature (Fig.2). The selected temperature is shown on the line of the display. Tip:Enter the temperature either in °F or °C; you will be able to select the temperature scale later. Press Set button again (Fig. 3) to go to the temperature setting mode for the bottom platen.

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Press Up ↑ or Down ↓ buttons to select the desired temperature (Fig. 4).
The selected temperature is shown on the line of the display.
Press Set button again (Fig. 5) to go into the timer setting mode. Press Up ↑ or Down ↓ buttons to select the desired time in seconds (Fig.6).

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Fig. 9

Press Set button to go to the temperature scale selection mode (Fig. 7).
Tip: Depending on your machine’s default settings, you may either see “F”
or “C” on the display indicating the currently selected temperature scale (°F or °C).
Press Up ↑ or Down ↓ buttons to select either °F or °C (Fig. 8) OR skip this step if you are satisfied with the current selection Press Set button TWO times (Fig. 9) to record all control panel’s settings. The platens start heating, and the heating icons are now displayed on the screen (Fig. 10).

Fig. 10


Fig. 12(PRESSING continued)

Wait until the platens reach the desired temperature(s) and the heating icons are turned off (Fig. 11).  When the set temperature is reached, the heating indicator disappears,then press TIMER to start.


5.How to Use Rosin Press

Plug in the power socket, turn on the power switch ,set temp./time for each control panel, Say. 110, 30sec. and raises to the set temp.

 Put the rosin hash or seeds into a filter bag

Put the rosin filter bag cover by silicon oil paper, and placing on the lower heating element.

For basic manual model, firstly you need to increase the pressure by use the pressure adjustment wrench to adjust the pressure nut. Please kindly noted that do not adjust the pressure very large, this may cause the machine problem like handle broken , and will influence the rosin machine service life.

Rosin will be adhesive to silicon oil paper, you may use the rosin tool to collect the rosin when they are still fluid. And you can collect the rosin and make storage.

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