Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 – How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine – Freestyle Operation

In this heat press machine tutorial, you will be learning how to use this twin station electric heat press Model # B2-2N Pro-Max. Heat press machine tutorial have 7 + 1 videos, welcome to subscribe our YouTube channel to keep in touch.

Video 1. Overall Introduction

Video 2. Control Panel Setup

Video 3. Operation & Introduction

Video 4. Laser Alignment Setup

Video 5. Quick Lower Platens

Video 6. Garments Printing (Textiles Substrates)

Video 7. Ceramics Printing (Hard Substrates)

Video 8. Preview on Version 2023 

Such electric heat press machine does not require compressed air, which makes everything simply. It features high efficiency & excellent pressure, can operate in full-auto, or semi-auto modes. With the multi-timers and foot pedal, users can make perfect job. This Easy-trans Smart level heat press has twin lower plates and could be semi-auto or fully automatic in a single switch. This electric heat pres is featured with a HMI/ PLC gauge, so user could control its shuttle moving speed, also able to have a trouble shooting when it’ s necessary. 

Today I will introduce two types of the working model of this machine and also three timer of the controller. But before everything, I have an old question again. Did you still remember what we have taught in last chapter? If you forget please review it again, okay? So right now, I will start to introduce the operation. So based on this machine we have taught you in last chapter, for the controller, we have three timers for the machine and also semi-automatically and fully automatically working models.  Right now we have already set it to the automatically working mode, and I will show you what it will be. 

Under the P-6, When it is zero. You can see here, when the value on P-6 is zero, which not means three timers. It is only a simple working method, if I keep pressing , the machine will start to move from side to side and also give a heat press, like this. Because right now it is under the automatically working model, so it will move by itself after the heat press, and give another heat press, like this. This is under the condition of P-6, when it is zero. It will move the shuttle of the machine, it will move from side to side, go up and down automatically. 

Later, I will show you the working method if it is in P-6-1. Pressing the emergency button can stop it to do the next press. So what we need to do right now is set it to the P-6-1. and right now it will enter into the semi-automatically working mode. When we need to set the working mode to  semi-automatically , it has a switch here you need to change it. Under this working mode, we have to work with the machine by this foot pedal. You can see it here, and before show you how to operate it, I need to introduce it at first, right now we have three timers, three timers for the machine and the other one is that it will move from side to side, it will not move automatically unless we give a foot press like this. 

You will find some differences now, the timer setting appears P-2 to -1, to -2 and to -3. In order to speed up the procedure, so I just set each of the time shorter. P-2-1, It is for preheating, so I set it to three seconds, and then P-2-2 means the heat transfer, so the time I will set it to be longer like five seconds. For the last P-2-3,which means the reinforce, in order to verify it, so I think two seconds is okay. So keep in your mind that and see here P-6 now is in -1. So right now, if I give a press to the green button like this, you will start to give a preheating and you’ll find there has a difference it will not move from here to the other place. So we have to do the press again and you will find here, the timing is for the heat transfer and after the heat transfer is finished, we have to press again to start the final procedure for reinforce for two seconds. After this circle, after this three timer is finished. The one whole circle is finished and use this foot pedal we can make the shuttle move from side to side, like this, I think it is very easy for you guys to understand. 

After shuttle move from this side to the other side we can press it start to the next three timer. like the first one is for preheating, when preheating is finished you need to press it again for the heat transfer about five seconds. Again for the reinforce about two seconds 

Now it is finished for the whole circle of the double stations with three timer and working under semi-automatically with the foot pedal. Right now I will show you the working mode under automatically and also with three timer, so first, press it, it will come back to the left position because this is the first step of it. I think you guys can’t see the setting, we enter into P-6 and right now the value we set is P-6-2, under this condition, the foot pedal will work again and everything will be based on these two green button to start the reinforce, preheating and heat transfer okay so right now I will show you. 

You will start to give a press by itself and this is for preheating, after preheating is finished it will move from here to here for the next preheating. The working principle is “preheat, preheat”, “heat transfer, heat transfer”, “reinforce, reinforce”, and than this is the whole circle for the working method under automatically and with the three timer. Let’s come to see it, this is the heat transfer. After this side the heat transfer is finished it will move to the other side for the heat transfer. After this one is finished it will start to the other side for reinforce. And the other place for the final reinforce after two seconds the whole circle will be finished. You will start to the next circle but we can use this quickly released button to stop the next operation. So today my introduction have finished if you have any questions, please let me know on the comments area or you can send us an email so that we can help you guys to solve this kind of the questions. Please remember that if you have any questions, you can watch these videos again and again or just send us the question list. See you next time.

00:50 - Multi-timer Introduction

02:20 - Semi Automatic w/ Foot Pedal

06:20 - Full Automatic Introduction 

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Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 - How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine - Freestyle Operation

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