How to Use a Mug Press to Fully Sublimate a Skinny Tumbler?

Are you ready to dive in and learn how to use a tumbler press? The press I am using can be used for a variety of tumblers as well as mugs. I am going to show you how to set up the tumbler press and use it to make some 20 oz skinny tumblers.

Now you need to get the mug press ready. My tumbler press is All-in-one Skinny Tumbler Heat Press Machine. The tumbler press machine is easy to use and store, it’s portable and just need small work space. Widely Application: It can sublimation print the 11 oz or 15 oz sublimation ceramic mugs 2 pieces in one time, and it’s can print the straight sublimation tumbler in various sizes like 15oz, 20oz and 30oz, etc.

 Before you heat up the mug press you want to set a few things up. Depending on which mug press or heat press mug attachment you have, you can use the thin or thick pad for the 20oz tumbler just make sure you have about medium pressure. To test, put your tumbler into the attachment and close it. If the mug is snug and doesn't move when you try to pull it, you should be good to go. If the mug can be pulled out or budges at all, increase the pressure using the pressure knob. The mug heating element I used is 270 x 212mm, refers to 270mm height and Φ7.6±5mm.

Mug Press Time and Temperature for Stainless Steel Skinny Tumblers Heat up the mug press to 356 °F and set the timer to 50 seconds.

Once the mug press is warmed up to temperature, hold the tumbler with the seam side of the sublimation paper down and slide the top half of the tumbler into the mug attachment. Make sure the top lip of the tumbler is fully INSIDE the mug attachment. Close the mug press and set the timer for 50 seconds. When this 50 second timer is up - leave the tumbler in the same position with the bottom half in the press, but this time rotate it 180 degrees so the taped seam is now on top. Close the handle and reset the timer for another 50 seconds.

When you have pressed all 2 sections carefully (wear a glove!!!) remove the tumbler from the mug press and as quickly as safely possible UN-tape the sublimation paper wrap.

Check out your fully sublimated 20 oz skinny tumbler!

Sublimation gives you stunning colors, permanent results, and high gloss - which makes the glitter sublimation look extremely real. If you need an video instruction, please visit this YouTube link:

Post time: Mar-30-2022
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