Manual Heat Press vs Air Press vs Automatic Heat Press Machines

e hope that you are already very familiar with all the different aspects of heat presses-including their functions and how many different types of machines there are. Although you know the difference between swinger heat press, clamshell press, sublimation heat press and drawer heat press, you also need to know that there is another way to distinguish heat press.

These differences do not lie in the mechanism by which the machine operates, but in how you operate the machine.Some machines need to be used manually, while others need to operate automatically-there is a third type: pneumatic machines.

Let's take a closer look at each of them and try to understand the difference between these three machines:

1. Manual Heat Press

15x15 heat press machine HP3809-N1 XQ1


A manual heat press, as the name suggests, is a manually operated device where you have to manually apply pressure, set the temperature yourself, and release it when you think the appropriate time has passed.These machines usually come with a timer that will tell you that the required time has passed and you can now turn on the clams of the machine.

This printing machine is very simple, beginners can understand and use, and let them have a good understanding of the working principle of hot stamping.In addition, this is an important lesson for setting the correct heat, pressure, and time to get the best print results.People who are just starting out can try to use these machines to learn ropes.

However, the manual heat press does not have a built-in pressure gauge to let you know the exact amount of pressure being applied.This is a disadvantage because you must rely on manual pressure.In addition, this is not suitable for people with arthritis or other similar bone or muscle related problems.If used improperly, there is also the risk of heat exposure and burns.

2. Automatic Heat Press

Speaking of automatic heat presses, the biggest difference between them and manual heat presses is that in these machines you don't have to open the clams manually.Once the timer sounds, the machine will turn on automatically, and you don't have to stand next to it and apply pressure manually, and turn it on after the task is completed.

This is a big improvement over a manual printing machine, because here you can easily multitask and do other things, such as printing the current T-shirt while preparing the next batch of T-shirts for printing.You don’t even have to worry about any burns on the T-shirt being printed.

There are two types of automatic heat presses: semi-automatic and fully automatic.The semi-automatic machine must be turned off manually by you, but it can be turned on by yourself.The fully automatic machine can be turned off with the push of a button, which makes your work easier.Ease of use is the biggest advantage of this heat press. Although its cost is slightly higher compared to a manual press, it gives you peace of mind, at least you will not risk your T-shirt being scorched!

2.1 Semi-automatic Heat Press

clamshell heat press


2.2 Fully Automatic Heat Press


3. Air Pneumatic Heat Press

These can be considered technically a sub-type of fully automatic heat presses.These machines are equipped with air compressor pumps to ensure maximum pressure.Here you don't have to apply any manual pressure, everything is done automatically, which is a huge benefit.

In addition, the higher the pressure, the more uniform the printing and the higher the print quality.In fact, this may be the best heat press for those who wish to obtain bulk orders.If you have a lot of printing work to do, this should be an ideal choice.This is also a good heat press for those who wish to print on thicker surfaces.

However, considering that it provides a very accurate printing level and automatic operation and air compression pump, you also need to pay extra for this, which is a disadvantage that many people think.However, in order to get better service, you need to pay a higher amount.

pneumatic heat press



Post time: Aug-20-2021
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