What Are The Main Types Of Heat Presses Available Today?

If you don't know, choosing an affordable heat press for your business can be confusing.Although there are many brands competing in the market, you can choose some of the most popular types for your business.

We researched and found that these four types of printed matter have become fashionable types because of their printing quality, durability, price and ease of use.

They are as follows: 

1. The Clamshell Heat Press Machine

2. The Swinger/Swing Away Heat Press Machine

3. Drawer Heat Press

4. Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press

The Clamshell Heat press Machine:

This type of heat press effectively performs its function on multiple surfaces.

As the name suggests, Clamshell is hooked on one end, then opens and closes.

The clamshell heat press can be used to transfer your artwork in large quantities to cups, boxes, sweatshirts, and any other items you may want to print.

The clamshell heat press has a unique design, which distinguishes it from other heat presses.

The hinge feature design is respectively placed between the upper and lower pressure plates. This function allows it to open and close like a clam when in use.

In addition, since the machine is portable, it is easy to store. You can store it in your store, or you can find a small space in your room to keep it stress-free.

clamshell heat press


Why You Need A Clamshell Heat Press Machine?

① You can easily operate this heat press.No wonder it is recommended to people who are still learning how to use the heat press.

② The clamshell heat press is designed to be portable.This will enable you to take the heat press anywhere.You can take it to any place where you have a demonstration.

③ Different from contemporary products, the clamshell heat press can save you space.

④ It is not complicated to use, which makes it a time-saving heat press.

⑤ It is designed to mass-produce any item of your choice for you.With a clamshell heat press, you don't need to worry about large orders from customers.

⑦ This heat press is not expensive and can help beginners with lower budgets to start their business.



The Swinger/ Swing Away Heat Press Machine

With this heat press, you will truly experience the swinging performance.The structure of the Swinger heat press allows the upper plate to rotate away from the lower plate.This operation also enables it to swing back to where your materials and artwork are arranged.

Due to the swinging characteristics of the heating element, you can easily manipulate and move the material placed on the lower platen without worrying about being burned.

Unlike other types of heat press Clamshell, the Swinger heat press can handle any type of item, regardless of its thickness.Using this heat press operation, you can freely collect various items, and even print on items with various substrates.

If you are using a Swinger heat press, you do not need to spend money to purchase other additional accessories, such as a printing press for printing on cups/mugs or hats.In fact, whether it is a home user or a commercial user, this heat press is a must.

The Swinger heat press makes the operator more comfortable during the operation, while the Clamshell's upper platen is specifically aimed at the operator's arm and hand when the platen rises.

Swinger heat press is not as portable as Clamshell, but is designed to be large and takes up space.We have small Swinger heat press machines.


Why You Need A Swing Away Heat Press?

① The Swinger heat press will enable you to efficiently check the entire garment placed on the machine.

② There is no opportunity to injure yourself with the Swinger heat press hence you are not working with the heating elements.

③ The Swinger heat press produces uniform pressure on the garment.

④ It is specially designed for those who have experience in heat press.



The Draw Heat Press Machine:

This heat press has a movable lower plate that can be pulled out so that you can fully enter your work area.The stretch heat press gives you the opportunity to lay out your clothes without having to reach under the upper heat press.

However, you should be more cautious when printing, so that your design will not shift when it is not being transferred.

Why You Need A Drawer Heat Press Machine?

① When using the Drawer heat press, you can safely see the full picture of the layout area.

② You don't have to work under the heated platen.

③ It is very useful when you want to produce large quantities of goods.

drawer heat press


Post time: Aug-12-2021
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