40 x 50cm Auto-Pop Swing Away T-shirt Heat Press Machine Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing Press

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    MATE 450 PRO

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  • The heat transfer machine suitable for a wider range has been born. With the structure design of automatic pop-up, this new machine MATE450 will give you a more distinctive transfer experience. The bottom plate adopts the most common size of 40X50CM. Different from the past, it adopts a more refined method and is precisely optimized. 9 major features provide users with a more extraordinary transfer experience.

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  • Style: Semi-auto heat press
  • Features: Swing-away | Auto-open | Slide-out
  • Platen Size: 40 x 50cm
  • OEM/ODM: Support
  • Dimension: 82 x 42 x 53cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • Contact: WhatsApp/Wechat: 0086 - 150 6088 0319
  • Description

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    The press is equipped with a manual override, a digital display, and a sound signal at the end of work.
    The t-shirt heat press machine with auto open feature for avoiding over-heating and ruined the T shirts and other sublimation blanks. Upper heating board of the heat press machine will be rising up automatically when it reaches the time if the alarm was set, alarming at the same time. So the t shirt heat press machine is more convenient for transferring.
    Our company makes easy and quick adjustment of pressure as a function of the print at any time.
    Designed for printing textiles and other materials may be used on food, t-shirts, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, and other flat surfaces items by using the flex, flocking, transfer printing paper, sublimation etc .

    It is installed with a smooth pull-out drawer enable you have sufficient space to load your garment. With the featured base: 1. Quick changeable system enables you to change the accessory platen in few seconds and needs no tool. 2. The thread-able base enables you to load or rotate the garment over the lower platen.

    ① Magnetic auto open and assist lock down feature
    ② Digital time and temperature controller.
    ③ 16 x 20 inch Teflon coated upper heat platen.
    ④ Over-center pressure adjustment.
    ⑤ Clam shell design.

    Additional features


    Heating Platen

    Finished aluminum plate, good thermal conductivity, high temperature heating.

    auto open heat press

    Semi-Auto Featured

    Semi-auto open gently and smoothly, even pressure distribution.

    heat press

    Smart LCD Controller

    Screen touch controller with stand by feature, accurate read-out temperature & timing. And a sound signal at the end of work.

    auto open heat press

    Air Shock

    Two air shocks are installed to ensure machine opening up gently and smoothly.

    auto open heat press

    Theadable & Interchangeable Base

    Pull-out & Theadable, Interchangeable base easy to slide out base, Enable larger loading space. Thea & interchangeable base ensure that you can use different platens.

    auto open heat press 3804d-f 10

    Sturdy Framework

    Accurate laser cut frame, very thick and sturdy made structure, ensure perfect pressure distribution.


    Heat Press Style: Semi-Auto open
    Motion Available: Clamshell/ Slide-out Drawer
    Heat Platen Size: 40x50cm
    Voltage: 110V or 220V
    Power: 1800-2200W

    Controller: Screen-touch LCD Panel
    Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
    Timer Range: 999 Sec.
    Machine Dimensions: 68X42X47cm
    Machine Weight: 40kg
    Shipping Dimensions: 86X50X62cm
    Shipping Weight: 44kg

    CE/RoHS compliant
    1 Year entire warranty
    Lifetime technical support

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