New Design 2×3 Manual Portable Extracting Homemade Mini Rosin Press Machine

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  • The upgrade of HP230c-x simplifies the internal structure and changes the wiring of the heating plate, so that the heating plate is more stable without skewing, and the operation is smoother.Add a pressure gear knob which is more convenient to adjust the pressure.

  • Style: Mini Protable Rosin Press
  • Max. Pressing Force: 450kg
  • Platen Size: 5 x 7.5cm
  • Dimension: 19x12x26cm
  • Certificate: CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS)
  • Warranty: 12 Months
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    Double heating plate high pressure hot press will increase production.
    The ergonomic handle makes it easy to press and save effort.
    A convenient handle at the back of the machine for easily carry.
    Environmental protection layer provide better protection of machine.
    Heating plate material is made of die-cast aluminum, which is durable and wear-resistant.
    The LCD display has excellent performance in precise temperature control and readout.


    MAXIMIZE YOUR YIELD: Double heating plate high pressure hot press is an efficient tool to extract. Pressing weight: 770lb (maximum not more than 1100lb)

    EASY TO USE: The ergonomic handle makes it easy to press and save effort. Equipped with a digital control panel, Timer control and Fahrenheit/Celsius setting are included, it only takes a few simple operations to set the temperature and time

    DURABLE: The environmental protection layer on the surface helps protect the machine. Heating plate material is made of wear-resistant die-cast aluminum

    WIDELY APPLICATION: Suitable for PU leather, plastic granules, dried flowers and plants. With a convenient carrying handle and light weight, it is perfect for personal desktop operating or pressing during travel

    Additional features

    rosin press

    Powerful Heat Aluminum Plate

    2*3 inch double heat aluminum plate, adjustable pressure nut allow max 770lb pressure. The yield is up to 25%.

    rosin press

    Fahrenheit Celsius switch

    Besides adjustable temperature and timing function, Fahrenheit or Celsius also can easily change, meet different people needs.

    portable rosin press

    Portable Heat Press Machine

    The net weight is about 6kg, packing size 31x29x21 cm, this heat press machine is ideal for personal use.

    rosin press

    Easy to Use

    The heat press machine equipped with a precision thermometer, press timer and LCD display, easy to use.

    mini rosin press

    Adjust the pressure by nut

    Adjust the pressure by adjusting the pressure nut. There may be 3 different states by adjusting the nut: a) The pressure is too small; b) The pressure is appropriate; c) The pressure is too large.

    mini rosin press

    Pressure appropriate--RIGHT

    If the adjusted pressure is appropriate, the specific manifestation is that the handle meets a certain resistance when pressed but can also be pressed down by the hand.


    Heat Press Style: Manual
    Motion Available: Dual Heating Plates
    Heat Platen Size:  5 x 7.5cm
    Voltage: 110V or 220V
    Power: 110-160W

    Controller: LCD Control Panel
    Max. Temperature: 450°F/232°C
    Timer Range: 999 Sec.
    Machine Dimensions: 19x12x26cm
    Machine Weight: 3.9kg
    Shipping Dimensions: 31x29x21cm
    Shipping Weight: 6kg

    CE/RoHS compliant
    1 Year entire warranty
    Lifetime technical support

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