Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 – How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine – Laser Alignment Setup

In this heat press machine tutorial, you will be learning how to use this twin station electric heat press Model # B2-2N Pro-Max. Heat press machine tutorial have 7 + 1 videos, welcome to subscribe our YouTube channel to keep in touch.

Video 1. Overall Introduction

Video 2. Control Panel Setup

Video 3. Operation & Introduction

Video 4. Laser Alignment Setup

Video 5. Quick Lower Platens

Video 6. Garments Printing (Textiles Substrates)

Video 7. Ceramics Printing (Hard Substrates)

Video 8. Preview on Version 2023

In this video, we will introduce how to setup laser alignment system for vinyl location, it help with perfect position layout. Setup is very simple and you could adjust the system depending on your position.

00:00 - Intro

01:20 - Laser Alignment Setup  

03:10 - Laser Alignment Function

I'm very thankful that all of you guys subscribe our Channel. In last chapter, we have already introduced the functions of the controller display. I hope you guys have already remembered that in your mind. If you forget that, Don’t worry, you can click the link to see them again. Okay? In this chapter, we will introduce the other functions of this machine, for the laser alignments, okay? But before introduce to you I want to ask you guys some questions. The first one is have you ever met the problem that it is very hard to find the right position for your patterns on the shirts? This is the first question, and the other one is that have you ever used a t-shirt ruler but forget to remove it cause this machine in a mess condition? I think most of the customers have these two bad experience before. But with our listed new laser alignment, it can very easily to solve these questions. Do you believe it ? no? okay! no problem ! Come with me ,okay, right now, The first thing we need to do is turn on the switch of laser alignment ,and than, you will find it has different kind of lines shown on the plate and right now it is in a mess condition, we need to adjust it, okay, so first, you have to prepare a wrench like this one.

A small wrench in each heads, we have the individual screws to located the laser head . So first we need to loose it one by one. and to find a right position of them, like this one, this is the button, we need to find the right position with the other one and fixed and let's check another one. Make it in right position, Fix it! I think this one is not in horizontal so I have to fix it again. Okay right now it's perfect.

So it is very easy to adjust our new listed laser alignment to meet the different kind of patterns , so that you can put the patterns on the shirts in right position . So right now I will show you by a blank t-shirts like this. First, we need to put this on the plate make it in the right position and put the patterns which you had prepared 

On the shirts, like this, if you see the space of this alignment, it is now in the right position you can locate the patterns and than use the wrench to adjust the lines to make it in right way. So, uh, In another side we have the other four heads in another plate. You will find here so that’s why we called it eight heads laser alignments. It is very convenient for our customers to use it to position on the plate. uh okay friends, So today we have introduced all the information to you guys in this chapter. In next chapter we will introduce the operation of the controller display so I hope you can follow us and subscribe our Channel. let's see you next time.

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Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 - How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine - Laser Alignment Setup

Post time: Dec-13-2022
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