Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 – How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine – Quick Lower Platens

In this heat press machine tutorial, you will be learning how to use this twin station electric heat press Model # B2-2N Pro-Max. Heat Press Machine Tutorial have 7 + 1 videos, welcome to subscribe our YouTube channel to keep in touch.

Video 1. Overall Introduction

Video 2. Control Panel Setup

Video 3. Operation & Introduction

Video 4. Laser Alignment Setup

Video 5. Quick Lower Platens

Video 6. Garments Printing (Textiles Substrates)

Video 7. Ceramics Printing (Hard Substrates)

Video 8. Preview on Version 2023

In this tutorial video, we will introduce over 10 Quick Lower Platens! With these Quick Lower Platens, you can do so many different application. No matter adult or child garments, multiple ceramic tiles, and other substrates.

● 12 x 12cm Label Platen

● 18 x 38cm Trousers Platen

● 12 x 45cm Sleeve Platen

● 30 x 35cm Mini Shirt Platen

● 12 x 36cm Shoe Platen

● Φ18cm Round Platen

● HP Tag Alone Platen

● Dual Sleeve Platen

● Can Cooler Platen

● Cap Brim Platen

● Umbrella Platen

00:00 - Review on last Chapters

00:25 - Intro on Lower Platens

01:10 - Intro on Sleeve Platen

01:45 - Intro on HP Tag Alone Platen

04:35 - Other Lower Platens

In the past chapters, we have already introduced a lot of functions of this machine including the controller, and you are also saw the details inside the box, two type of working methods, the foot pedal, laser indicator and so on.

Today, I will introduce another function of this machine to you, which is the structure of interchangeable platens. Most of the customers leave their request for the multi-function in one machine, like “I need a shoes platen”, “ I need a sleeve platen”, “ I need a label platen” and also for the trouser etc. For this machine, we have already designed these structures inside. So right now I will show you another function of our platens. The first one I want to introduce to you is this. The size is 18*38cm, which is designed for the sleeve printing, so you can have the designs on your sleeve by this sleeve platen. To make the designs much better, okay? Because you know the original size of the platen is 40*50cm. It is not suitable for other garments like the sleeves, trousers or the labels. So all of this kind of interchangeable platens are needed. Another one I want to introduce is this. Oh it is much heavier, please wait a minute, because the weight of this is a little bit heavy, so I put it here. The name of this platen? We called it tech-along platen. For this platen, which is used to print the design on the center of the t-shirts , and this part, you can print the label, like this, the label on the collar, it is 2IN1 platen. And right now I will show you how to put it on my machine, wait a minute please.

First, focus on this part, you will find it has a nob here, first we need rotate it to loose. Sorry, because I can’t see the bottom, so I need to try it again. And you’ll find here, it has a thread below the platen. We can put it here and use the black nob to fix it. Right now I will change a platen, this one also has a thread on the machine, like this, you need to find the right position of the center and put the thread inside here.

This is not be finished now, so we have to rotate the black nob to make it tight. So it will not shakes during the using period. This is the first one I want to show you and repeat again: 1. rotate it to loose, 2. draw it out, 3. put it on the table and change another one. Like the tech-alone Trouser, because it's too heavy so I have to find the right position like this. After inserting it, rotate the nob to fix, so it will not shake very easily. Than we can start the heat transfer. Besides of these two type of platens, we also have other different kind of platens like this. You can see the details here: the label, sleeve, trouser, shoes, tech-along and so on. So if you are interested in our heat press machine, don't forget to add these platens to your order. See you next time!

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Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 - How to Use Electric Heat Press Machine - Quick Lower Platens

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