Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 – How to Use Twin Station Electric Heat Press Machine – Introduction

In this heat press machine tutorial, you will be learning how to use this twin station electric heat press Model # B2-2N Pro-Max. Heat press machine tutorial have 7 + 1 videos, welcome to subscribe our YouTube channel to keep in touch.

Video 1. Overall Introduction

Video 2. Control Panel Setup

Video 3. Operation & Introduction

Video 4. Laser Alignment Setup

Video 5. Quick Lower Platens

Video 6. Garments Printing (Textiles Substrates)

Video 7. Ceramics Printing (Hard Substrates)

Video 8. Preview on Version 2023 

This twin station heat press is built in 16” x 20” (40 x 50cm) which is perfect for t-shirt printing business, it sits on a movable caddie with a comfortable height for loading garments. In this video, you will be knowing the basic introduction.

00:00 - Greeting

00:35 - Our-self Introduction

00:50 - Preview on Version 2023

01:05 - Introduction on Version 2022

03: 30 - Next Tutorial 

Today, I will be the person to introduce our dual station electric heat press machine to you guys. This machine was launched on 2020, it is two years ago and with two years experience about marketing and testing, right now this model is well welcomed by all the distributors from the world. 

And Xinhong as a leader of the heat press machine in China and both the world. We always keep ourselves in upgrading and improving that is why in the sooner next January of 2023. We will have this model in generation 2 comes to all of your guys. Hope you guys can follow our channel so that we can keep our latest information informed by all of you. 

Okay, so let's come to the machine first. From the appearance, you will find that it was made by the made by the silver body and also this blue control panel, this look very elegant I think most of the people will love it, not only for the appearance but also for the design. Let's come to the structure, this is the twin stations. It can move from side to side, compared to the pneumatic type, you will find it doesn't require a air compressor. So that when you use this machine it will get a less noise and with even pressure and also more stable pressure. It is also widely used on the different kind of sublimation materials including the papers and transfer paper like the ink-jet and laser no cutting cutting, it is also available on this machine. Besides of these, the vinyls and pet film are also available on this machine. 

So another one thing is worthwhile to mention is the laser alignment. This alignment looks very nice, with its help, it is very easy for our customers to locate the designs on the t-shirts. I think this is very good structures and good designs for all t-shirt makers.  

Besides of this, you can find this machine is put on the movable caddie. You can see this caddie is very easy to move if the roller is unlocked. It is very easy for our users to carry out to another place, only like push.  

For this machine, another function is that lower platen is interchangeable, so you can use the different platens to put on this machine to make different kind of the function. For all the functions above I've mentioned, I will show you in the following multiple videos. Hope you guys can follow up with me and don't forget to subscribe our channel. So that you guys can see how this machine works in the future!

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Ultimate Heat Press

CraftPro Heat Press

Mug & Tumbler Press

Ultimate Cap Press

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Heat Press Machine Tutorial 2022 - How to Use Twin Station Electric Heat Press Machine - Introduction

Post time: Nov-26-2022
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