Semi-auto Cap Heat Press Transfer Printing Machine (Model# CP2815-2) LCD Controller Operation

cap heat press cp2815-2



Turn on the power switch, control panel display illuminates like picture Touch “SET” into “P-1”, here you can set TEMP. with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired TEMP.
Touch “SET” into “P-2”, here you can set TIME. with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired TIME. Touch “SET” into “P-3”, here you can set TEMP. SCALE with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired SCALE.
Touch “SET” into “P-4”, here you can set stand-by time with “▲” and “▼” reach to desired value with range 0-120 minutes. (0 refers to stand-by disabled) Finally touch “SET” to complete
all setting, so heat press start
to heating up.
It reads OFF on the display and heat press starts to cool down. Stand-by only happens when machine is not in use and reaches to P-4 set minutes. If you want to use heat press, please wake up heat press by touch any button on the control display.
The control display counter increases one time after a circle of timing which helps you to record how many T-shirt you’ve transferred. If you want to clear up the number, please long hold the CLEAR button

Brand new appearance and structure design,the Semi-auto open cap heat press is suitable for printing most caps. The convenient hydraulic automatic opening feature allows freedom to place the transfers quickly making batching large orders easy. Includes digital controller to preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete.



Post time: Sep-15-2021
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